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Blog’s and RSS feeds are very powerful on-line marketing tools that can easily be used alongside social media to give you very powerful results and success beyond your wildest expectations. And yet many struggling on-line marketers have never considered concentrating their efforts on these two potent on-line marketing weapons and learning how to use them properly to get more traffic and sales than they can handle.


As much as most folks complain that on-line marketing is so difficult, those who have focused their efforts on blogging and rss feeds have hardly been disappointed. And what is more, anybody can use these two tools which go together like bread and butter because they are so easy to master.


But What Exactly Are Blogs And What Are RSS Feeds?


Blogging started out as on-line diaries or journals. For this reason they were set up to be different from conventional websites in that they are mostly made up of content, lots and lots of it. Little wonder that blog’s have literally swept the World Wide Web off its’ feet because search engines just love content, especially if it is fresh new content. That is why search engines will always reward a site that regularly gets updated with fresh content with plenty of traffic. The result is that it was not long before everybody realized that blog’s were getting much more traffic than ordinary websites. A brand new blog would emerge from nowhere and within a very short time would start attracting tons and tons of traffic from popular search engines like Google etc and boast of a higher page rank than websites that have been around for ages. Today blog’s are considered an important marketing tool and some experts have even enthusiastically branded it one of the most powerful marketing weapons ever invented.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Subscribing to an RSS feed on a favourite topic enables you to have free content beamed directly to your desktop. Because blog’s often get updated very frequently RSS was the perfect solution since it instantly notifies regular readers that there is some fresh content and that their favourite topic blog has been updated.


Some have asked the question; why would anybody need RSS when there is email? This is an interesting question because RSS feeds have many clear advantages over email. Email has the disadvantages of SPAM filters blocking even emails that have been requested not to mention the fact that many people get overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive and often do not read most of it. When you take all these considerations into account you will immediately see the attraction of RSS feeds which bypass emails and land directly on the recipients’ computer.


Used properly RSS feeds will allow a smart marketer to send useful content to their targeted niche market and attract plenty of attention and business to their on-line business.


Indeed quite a number of on-line entrepreneurs have been able to combine both blog’s and RSS feeds to make a killing in an increasingly crowded marketplace where traditional media no longer brings in the kind of response it used to. And what is more blog’s can very easily be combined with social media to yield even better results. The simplest way of doing this is to use social media to attract attention to your blog content.

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