Social Media Marketing…So Whats It all About?


Social media marketing is now being use by all kinds of businesses to attract large amounts of traffic to their websites within a short period time. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube have become quite popular with millions of users on each one of them. Many businesses like to use social media as a main way to advertise  their products or services to millions of people around the world.


So, What is social media marketing?


Well, social media marketing is the use of social media sites for marketing your products or services to prospects that are located across various countries of the world. Once you make a firm social media marketing strategy involving major social media websites, you will not have to look elsewhere for customers. Social media marketing is excellent way to advertise especially for the small and medium business who have minimal marketing dollars to promote themselves in these difficult economic times.

The strategy can be fairly simple such as using a company blog, or opening a Twitter account to “tweet” out messages to customers, or it can be more complex and encompass full campaigns, blogs, social networking, and use viral video streaming, through free video posting sites like Youtube. Depending on the use, and which audience a business is attempting to attract, the choice of social media marketing will differ for each business owner.


Advantages of social media marketing


1. You can use Twitter marketing to increasing your search engine ranking. This will not only result in much better on-line visibility of your site, but will also result in increased amounts of traffic resulting in more sales. When you send out tweets, thousands of people view them. If such tweets are drafted properly, they can even go viral and reach millions of people. In Twitter marketing you can use your tweets to rank much higher for the long tail keywords you should be using to help with page ranking in the search engines.


If you scan through the search engine results on the Google, you will notice that it has now begun indexing tweets on it. You can use it to your advantage by using long tail keywords in your tweets. This will help you in increasing your rank for such keywords. You can also rank higher for shorter tail keywords that are there in these longer keywords.


2. You can use social media marketing for building organic back-links. With millions of uses on each social media website, you are sure to get the widest possible exposure and can divert good traffic to your site.


More traffic to your site increases your chances of selling your products or services. Many of these customers will link back to your site if they like what they see on your site, so it is important to post good quality, relevant content on your blog/website.


The best method of bringing more traffic to your site is to create articles, posts and tweets that are link-bait. This content is written with the sole purpose of generating back-links from major search engines. Social media marketing has emerged as a best possible way to promote your link-bait content.


4. Low Costs Advertising- You can promote yourself, and your products and services without spending too much on your social media marketing campaign. However, in order to succeed with this marketing, you should have a firm social media marketing strategy in place. This is great for both small and medium businesses as they get a level playing field with the large businesses.


5. Keeping in Touch with your Consumers- You can keep in touch with your customers with social media marketing. Many companies are using Facebook and Twitter to answer questions and concerns of their customers. This helps customers in getting timely help, which solves their problems quickly.

Lastly, Youtube is a great place for viral videos. with millions of viewers visit the site daily, and if the company’s video does go viral, it will mean many individuals interacting, and seeing what the company has to offer.

The use of social media marketing is a great option for any business to turn to today. It is cheaper than traditional marketing tactics, and due to the fact that over 80% of internet users are on social media sites, makes the marketing interactive, and allows consumers to have a say in things.



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