Squidoo Lens Marketing…Good For Your Business?


Well in a word… YES!, but what is it exactly, read on to find out…

Squidoo is a user-generated lenses site which is used as a powerful internet marketing tool. This website is designed to make it simple for individuals to set up a page on a topic he/she knows and cares about. These pages are referred to as lenses and the advertisement revenue is shared between the lens creator and charity. Squidoo lens marketing is used mostly by affiliate marketers and individuals selling their products on-line. Squidoo was created by Seth Godin who is an expert internet marketer & entrepreneur.

Squidoo helps create automatic links to your lens in squidoo, which determines the rank of your page. Normally squidoo categorizes the user-generated lenses using tags. So, each time you create a lens a tag is created for that specific lens. The tag pages are linked to all the lenses which are also linked back to the pages using similar tag.

Benefits of using a Squidoo lens for marketing

Links from authority websites are very valuable when compared to links from other non-authority websites. Squidoo is an authority website simply because it provides credible online-resources on any given topic plus it has many other websites linked to it. When search engines note that your links are from squidoo then the credibility of your website can also increase. Search engines, for example Google, like squidoo lenses, so you will be indexed fast, if your key words do not have high competition. You will be ranked high in various organic listings from search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Squidoo lenses can be used for affiliate marketing: Since some directories do not allow you to post your links in the resource box, you can post your affiliate links in your squidoo lenses and then connect them to your articles. Many directories allow you to connect your squidoo lens to your article via the resource box.

Other than using tags to increases your search engines ranking, squidoo has various squidoo groups. These groups help generate more links from many other lenses thus improving your search engine rankings.

Squidoo is free and very easy to use. This is a user-friendly website and you will not need the help of an HTML expert to create a new lens. As a new affiliate marketer, a lack of money is often a problem, so you could potentially use this as your website, since you can create as many lenses as you like while marketing from different niches.

Squidoo is very interactive: squidoo allows you to add various interactive elements to your lens like YouTube videos. By connecting interactive elements to your lens, you can connect easily and interact much better with your clients and potential clients and this will increase results.

How to use squidoo

After creating an account in squidoo the next thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the dashboard, you can then click the “create-a-lens” button and start. Squidoo allows you to rate your page either for general viewers or for specific viewers.

Immediately you have created your account you can link various modules to your account to help create a beautiful page. You can also link your lens to various social media websites; this will provide a fresh cohesion of messages on your lens.

Although, you own the content in your lens, you cannot post this content anywhere else as stipulated by the terms and conditions of squidoo. Always make sure you include relevant tags which can lead back to your website.

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