Facebook For Marketing your Business.

Facebook is a very popular social networking tool that connects more than 800 million users through a simple, intuitive and easy user interface. Users can update status, post photo albums, share content and connect with their friends to know more about one another. They can also connect with more people across the world and create friendships on-line.

Facebook for marketing is a boon for small, medium and large businesses to connect with their customer instantly. Facebook has a lot of traction in terms of frequency of usage, stickiness and connect with their network more often. Businesses can create a “Page” in Facebook to improve branding and opportunities to talk to customers over on-line. Creating and managing Facebook page is essential for business as part of the corporate communication strategy and evolving needs of being more social to match up with customer expectations. Customers can become a “Fan” by clicking “Like” on your page. Customers start receiving news feeds and updates from your company after they become a fan. They can mention your brands and products by “talking” about it using @ mention tags with other friends. They become your brand ambassadors spreading buzz about your organization and create more fan following.

Facebook pages can create buzz about your brand and the business in the following ways:

1. Product and services

It is a cool platform to advertise all your products and services. You can talk about all good things you do to get more customers. You can offer innovative contents like video teasers, photos and features on your products. For example, Starbucks has more than 27 millions fans who subscribe to know Starbucks coffee and bakery products.

2. Offer discounts, deals and rewards

Your Facebook fans are your biggest assets. They are the best advocates of your organization over on-line. You can create more loyalty by giving away freebies, discounts, deals and reward points for your products and services.

3. Feedback

You can seek opinions and feedback from customers on your performance. It can provide detailed business insights and offers an opportunity to think based on the voice of the customers. You can make improvements and fix problems to create a positive impact on your brand image.

4. Social bookmarking

Facebook plugins are available for various web sites to provide integrated logins, recommend, share and like buttons to share and collaborate content with your friends. You can link Facebook to your main web site to generate more traffic to your web site.

5. Innovative models – Mobile and Apps

You can innovate through Facebook channel by leveraging the Facebook mobile platform and Facebook apps. You can give your customers useful apps that can be used in their mobile devices to ease out tasks over on-line and improve productivity. For example, making movie ticket booking, reservations, eCommerce facilities apps based on your business needs.

Key benefits:
1. With no additional costs, you can connect instantly with your customers and make them talk about your brands to their friends. It is the best channel of viral marketing.
2. Generate more brand advocates and positive word of mouth through an extensive Facebook fan network.
3. Build your email marketing, back link and traffic strategies through integrating with Facebook.
4. Support modern contents like videos, links, photos to connect with your customers.
5. Save costs on administering heavy loaded loyalty programs by switching to Facebook platform as a preferred channel.
6. Arrest negative publicity and improve reputation of your brand by hearing feedback and taking action on them.

In a nutshell, Facebook for marketing is the modern way to market your products online and get your customers hooked to your brand seamlessly.