Is It Time You Started Your Own On-line Business?


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In  1944 , during the 2nd world war, a group of Allied prisoners being held in Stalag Luft III in Poland , embarked upon a bold plan to escape their nazi captors, this has been called “The Great Escape” and has been immortalised both in books and film,  you see in time of war it is considered a prisoner’s duty to try to escape captivity and return to their own forces so they can continue the fight against oppression or whatever it is they are fighting for, you may well have read stories or seen films based on the exploits of prisoners of war, and may be aware that the punishment meted out both to  escapees who were later recaptured and to the other prisoners left behind was harjjsh to say the least, indeed  escapees who were later recaptured often faced the ultimate punishment … death by firing squad.

But despite all the setbacks and misfortune, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds against success and a certainty that anyone recaptured would be put to death, still these brave young souls refused to accept their lot in life as prisoners so with the courage, commitment, perseverance and absolute determination to succeed they kept on working toward their ultimate goal of freedom, some gained that freedom and made it home safe, but many more didn’t , the odds were stacked against them but still they tried anyway, so what on earth has this got to do with starting your own home business that will change your life?


Read the above paragraph again, slowly, do words like “setback”, “insurmountable odds”, “refused to accept their lot in life”, “courage”, “commitment”, “perseverance”, “determination”, “the odds were stacked against them”, “but still they tried anyway”.

So the story is about a group of people who did not like their confinement and loss of freedom, and who decided to do something about it …

Compare that with modern life, how it is so expensive to have your own home (rented or owned) to raise a family, to drive a reasonable car, to give your family a decent holiday each year, just raising your family’s standard of living is a constant uphill struggle.

Now I’m sure you have heard many times how you don’t need money to be happy, that material things don’t matter etc, (the only people I have ever heard say those things were either broke, always have been and probably always will be, or monks). Yes some people can be happy with very little in life, but I know from personal experience how struggling from day to day to pay the bills, put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads, clothe  my children, can be very stressful when you realise that yet again we have spent more than we earn because the car needed urgent repairs to get it through its MOT or the toilet became blocked and needed the services of a plumber, or a washing machine packed in and the fridge loses its cool … and so on, so we borrow money, eventually we pay that back, then not long later we borrow again … and so on and so on.


It’s groundhog day, after day, after day, when my employer provides over-time I’m there  7 days a week, the kids miss me, my marriage comes under even more strain …I’ve no way out and no hope of making things better, or have I?

Because one day I became informed of “alternatives, and opportunities”, I started looking into the possibility of working from home, because just like those prisoners of war I wanted, needed, a way out… does this situation sound familiar to you?.


After More than 2 years of studying, buying products by the bin full, following conflicting information and generally going round in circles I have finally (with a bit of help!) Found my direction, I am just now starting to see the fruit of my labours, no I’m not rolling in cash, but I am starting to make one or 2 sales online, it’s only a trickle of money right now but by holding my course, applying what I have so far learned, and continuing to educate myself about working from home and making money online that trickle will gain momentum and eventually give me the freedom from financial worry, freedom from working 7 days a week and freedom to give my children opportunities in life they might otherwise never have.


And do you know why I have reached this position (notice I say “why” and not how … that comes later) it’s because, like those prisoners of war, I refuse to accept my situation, I refuse to be restricted and dictated to by the hand that life has dealt me, I know that by starting my own online business I can correct the work/reward imbalance which for so long has seen me working like a slave to support my family.

I already have some of the seeds of success in place, now I just need to nurture them as they slowly grow and take shape … the shape of my new life …


Success isn’t given to us on a plate, we have to work for it, earn it, mould and shape it to our own personal requirements, and yes it can be done, I’m on my way now because like those poor unfortunate POWs I absolutely refuse to accept there isn’t a better way, starting your own online business is not that hard if you follow proven methods of people who have already made it or are in the process of making it.


Now for the bad news … many people who start an online business fail to get anywhere, they fail to make enough sales to justify the outlay, or don’t make any sales at all, some people don’t even get as far as putting up their own website before finding it is just too hard for them and giving up, the sad fact is at least half of these people actually could set up and run a successful business if they only kept trying, refused to give up, refused to even consider failure and just kept on working at it, even more of those “failures” could vastly improve their chances of fulfilling their dreams if only they signed up to a mentoring program, like I did.

But to have any chance of success you must adopt a mentality like those POWs, … you want to change your life, you want true financial freedom, you want to be in a position where you can live life on your terms …

and you can do this, but you must have the desire to change and improve your life, commitment to do whatever it takes to help bring about that change, perseverance to work and work and work until you get it right, determination to never give up regardless of the obstacles, to never give in, to never accept defeat, other people have achieved fantastic success on the Internet, many started from worse positions than me and you, now those people are earning more in a single week than we earn in a year. Those prisoners of war faced death if they failed, you face groundhog day if you fail,

Those prisoners who did not try to escape condemned themselves to captivity till the end of the war, many died in captivity anyway,


If you don’t try to change your life, nothing will change for the better and you will never know  true freedom, it’s your choice, fear is just an illusion, and can be conquered with the right mindset, if you tell yourself you can’t do something you have already made it 10 times more difficult than it actually is.


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Wishing you happiness and success…

Pete Chapman